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Phase 9

Interior Design Phase

In addition to our interior architecture, our team is also available to guide the selection of all furnishings that your family might desire. In this phase we research, curate, bid and shop for all non-fixed elements of the home. This includes decorative lighting, furniture, art and accessories of all kinds. While we believe it is crucial to adorn the home with furnishings that are symbiotic with all other elements of design, we do understand that these selections are often personal decisions. So it is ultimately up the homeowner to decide which furnishings you would like us to curate.

What we'll deliver

In this phase we explore all furnishings that will inhabit the home along side you. These furnishings (including decorative lighting, furniture, art and accessories) are usually readily available for purchase. In this scenario, our team will gather quotes, confirm dimensions, coordinate delivery and oversee installation. We can also handle the purchasing of select furnishings which allows us to extend our designer discount to our clients.

Occasionally, some projects require a one-of-a-kind item. In these situations our team will either coordinate with the appropriate subcontractors and create custom shop drawings or rely on our extensive network to source the perfect piece.

What we'll need

Our interiors team has an encyclopedic knowledge of modern furnishings and a large network of connections within the industry - specifically in New York City. This allows us to expertly select furnishings that are consistent with the aesthetics, budget and materiality of your project. 

Via a series of presentations we will provide you with highly refined selections where we will need you to select your ideal furnishings and approve each item for purchase. We will take care of the rest.

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