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Phase 7

Interior Construction Docs.

Once you and your family have approved the interior architecture drawings and made your product selections, our team is ready to move into the Construction Documents Phase. This is when our team of architects and designers create a buildable set of drawings for the approved design. These drawings get into minute details and construction specifics that will allow your general contractor to expertly execute the home's interior architecture.

What we'll deliver

Our interior construction documents will provide meticulous detail on electrical power locations, reflected ceiling plans, finish floor plan, custom wall details and millwork shop drawings. Since our studio is multidisciplinary team, these interior construction drawings will be simultaneously meshed with all other architectural construction documents. This will conclude with a highly detailed drawing set that provides the municipality, builder and subcontractors with all documents they will need to approve and build the project.

What we'll need

Refining every inch, inside and out, is a monotonous task and requires a keen, deliberate attention to detail. For this reason, the Construction Documents Phase is often quite time-consuming. Although, we know you will be excited about the future home, we ask that you bear with us as we nit-pick the little details that we promise will make all the difference in the end.

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