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Phase 8

Bidding & Value Engineering

Once a set of construction documents is finalized in the previous phase, that set will be sent out for bidding and permits. In the Bidding & Value Engineering phase we collect quotes from multiple contractors and solidify a realistic budget for the construction cost of the home. While we are coordinating with the consultants, we will also deliver a set of construction documents to the building department of the town/city/village and await a permit.

What we'll deliver

Based on the quotes from contractors and conversations with other trades, we will work with you to revise some specific items that may be over budget and/or allocate additional funds to items that could be further enhanced. Additionally, if the building department issues any comments that need to be resolved before issuing a permit, we will address them as well. Ultimately concluding in a revised set of documents that will be filed on record and delivered to the selected contractor for construction.

What we'll need

In this phase, we will collect and organize the bids from multiple contractors but will ultimately need your input to guide us the final decisions. Often, many of the revisions that are required will be spurred by an open dialogue about your budget, however some may simply derive from your comfort working with certain contractors and trades. The Bidding & Value Engineering phase will end with your selection of a general contractor and a receipt of permit from the building department.

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